5 quick tips on finding a job in technical writing

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This article provides some tips on finding a job in technical writing. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced technical writer looking for new adventures or a beginner looking for your first job in technical writing. I hope these simple actions will help you find a great offer or draw recruiters’ attention.

TIP 1: Check IT companies’ websites for technical writing offers

Not every company publishes its offers on popular portals. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check the Career section on the website of a company you would like to work for. Make a list of such companies and check their websites regularly.

TIP 2: Google it

Similarly to the tip above, don’t just check job offers on popular portals; try to be creative. For example, you can try Google search. Try entering phrases like “technical writer + YOUR COUNTRY” or “technical writing job offers”. Look not only at the search results but also at ads.

TIP 3: Be open to remote possibilities

There are not many technical writers in the world, so use it to your advantage and look for a job all around the world. Of course, if working from home is something you don’t like, then just ignore this tip 😉.

TIP 4: Be careful about your online presence

Be careful about what you post online. Many recruiters will check you out on social media before contacting you. Too many pictures from parties on your Instagram or a short clip with swear words on TikTok might show you in a negative light.

TIP 5: Take care of your LinkedIn profile

Nowadays many recruiters look for candidates (especially in IT) on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s good to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is comprehensive and professional. Take a look at the following basic aspects of your profile:

  • Is your profile up-to-date?
  • Do you have a profile picture? I recommend to use a business picture.
  • Have you completed all sections, including About, Skills, Licenses & certifications, etc.?
  • Do you have some recommendations from your previous jobs? It’s a good idea to ask your managers or colleagues for recommendations.

Optionally, you can also:

  • Click the Open to button to “Show recruiters you’re open to work”.
  • Add a headline, for example: “Looking for my first job in technical writing”.
  • Create a post. Ideally, if it would show some of your skills or knowledge.
  • Take skill assessments and/or demonstrate transferable skills. You can do so in the Skills section of your LinkedIn profile.

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