I’ve always had a passion for technology and looked for a job as closely related to it as possible. After a couple of attempts at working for different industries, I finally found my dream job: technical writing. It was almost four years ago and since then I have worked as a tech writer for Tricentis: the leader in software testing automation.

Tech writing not only satisfies my passion for technology but also my love for linguistics which was my main interest when studying English philology.

For the last couple of years, I observed a growing demand for skilled technical writers and frequently asked myself the question: why there are so few tech writers on the market? The only thing that comes to my mind is that people are not aware that this occupation even exists. More and more people are learning programming languages, even though very often they aren’t inspired to do so because of their genuine interests, but because it’s a lucrative job. Guess what? IT industry doesn’t only need developers. There are more jobs in the IT world, one of which is tech writing. I created this blog to guide junior or aspiring technical writers on their journey to the fascinating world of new technologies.

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